Property Management in Colonial Heights VA

Property Management in Colonial Heights VA

Have you considered renting your house out and earning cash flow?

Many home owners across the country are renting out their properties and getting their mortgages paid off while making money at the same time! How are they doing this?  Property management is something that needs to be done with experience, organization, and discipline.  The most knowledgeable property owners that own tens or hundreds of homes all know the most important thing – you can’t do it by yourself.  They know that you need a team and system in place to manage all of the properties, ledgers, expenses, accounting, repairs, and everything else that comes with property management

Just like anything else, time is money.  If your spending your time making all the repairs yourself or doing all of the accounting, it is taking time away from your more valuable tasks such as looking for new properties to purchase.  Whittle and Roper Realtors can handle all of this for you and more!  We manage properties in the Tri-cities area in Central Virginia.  These areas include Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Chesterfield, Hopewell, Prince George, Ettrick, etc.  If you have a property in any of these areas and would like to learn more information about property management, you should contact us immediately!

Have you lost your job and need to rent your house?

During hard times, many people have found that they can use their home or land as an asset. Sometime home owners can downsize and move into an apartment and let their property earn cash flow to help with them paying other bills.  In tough times, being creative with your funds/income can be the difference between sinking or swimming.  Instead of falling behind on your mortgage, you can move somewhere else and pay less each month while receiving a rent check from the tenant living in your house. You can use that money to catch up on bills or any other reason you choose.  We will take the headache of the rental property off of your shoulders so that you can get on with life.

Whittle and Roper Realtors is very flexible when it comes to our owners.  We understand that every individual is different and some owners have their own ways of doing things.  We can cater to you have if you have your own handyman or maintenance crew also.  Each owner has their own profile or identity with Whittle and Roper and we are the extra effort people.  Ask us if your interested in learning more about turning your situation around.

How are you Qualifying your tenants?

There are some important factors and ways to ensure you get a tenant that isn’t going to damage your property and will pay their rent on time.  Many people in general when you meet them may come off as nice people however its good to qualify to people anyways.  You never know who you are dealing with and its our job to do the due diligence to find out the background of each prospect/tenant.  Are you doing the following searches?

  1. Background Checks
  2. Credit Checks
  3. Employment Verification
  4. Rental Reference

If not, please contact us to let us manage your property!

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